Event Date,Event Time,Character Name,Content,Location,Source,Photo 06/15/11,09:00PM,von Muffling,"General von Zieten has dispatched an officer with news that the French have attacked near Charleroi. This will, surely, start the war anew.",139,Brussels,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/15/11,09:10PM,von Muffling,Have commnunicated to the Duke of Wellington this news. He had heard nothing of it from his advanced posts at Mons.,115,Brussels,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/15/11,09:30PM,von Muffling,"The Duke waits for positive confirmation before determining his movements, but he means to fight in conjunction with the Prussian army.",135,Brussels,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/15/11,11:00PM,von Muffling,"The Duke orderd all to be in readiness, as departure of troops is certain & will send a brigade of light cavalry at once to Quatre Bras.",136,Brussels,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,12:45AM,von Muffling,The numerous friends of Napoleon here at Brussels make their presence known. Cannonade can be distinctly heard before the gates of Brussels,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:00AM,von Muffling,"Intelligence of the commencement of hostilities, forwarded from Charleroi to Namur, has reached me a second time.",113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:05AM,von Muffling,"The Field-Marshal is concentrating at Sombref, and wishes to know the concentration of Wellington's army.",105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:15AM,von Muffling,The Duke cannot fix his point of concentration before receiving news from Mons. He promised to give me immediate notice when this arrived.,138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:00AM,von Muffling,"I am unable to answer the Field-Marshal's request, but keep a courier at the ready.",83,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:00AM,von Muffling,"Duke entered my room to say heard from Mons, from General Dornberg. Napoleon has turned towards Charleroi with all his forces.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:01AM,von Muffling,Therefore the Dukes orders for the concentration of the army at Nivelles and Quatre Bras are already dispatched,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:05AM,von Muffling,The Duke intends to attend the Duchess of Richmond's ball. He must feel we have time yet before fully engaged with the enemy.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:05AM,von Muffling,The Duke intends to attend the Duchess of Richmond's ball. He must feel we have time yet before fully engaged with the enemy.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:30AM,Gerard,Napoleon's army is on the move. Orders have come to march.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:45AM,von Muffling,At the ball. The Duke appears very cheerful. All the great people of Brussels are here collected.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,07:00AM,von Muffling,"I cannot help but wonder at the fate of the Prussian army, having reported yesterday they had been under attack.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,07:15AM,von Muffling,The Gordon Highlanders are dancing reels at the ball. The Duchess thought it would interest foreigners to see them.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,07:45AM,von Muffling,"Aides-de-camp continually arrive with news for the Duke, some of which have even managed to discompose him.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:00AM,von Muffling,"The French are advancing. Every man has been ordered to join his regiment by 3am, when the march will begin.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:15AM,von Muffling,Those who have loved ones here give way to their grief as they make what might well be their final goodbyes.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:00AM,von Muffling,"The Duke, and by necessity, myself, remain at the ball, though all is being made ready for his departure",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:00AM,Gerard,The 42nd is attached to Picton's Division. We are now on our way.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:00AM,von Muffling,"We are riding, intending to overtake the troops",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:00AM,Mercer,It would appear that our Quartermaster-General of the cavalry took a peculiar pleasure in disturbing people at very unseasonable hours.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:20AM,Mercer,"Note received: We are to proceed swiftly to Enghien & meet with Major M'Donald. Signed, D.A.Q.M.-Gen.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:40AM,Mercer,"The suddenness of our march rather alarm me. We are not prepared, our waggons gone astray and our men unassembled.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:45AM,Mercer,Mr Coates said he would do his utmost to collect the waggons. He will follow us as soon as he possibly can.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,12:15PM,Mercer,"The officers have just arrived, having known of our orders while at Brussels. We are preparing for the march.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:00PM,Mercer,The first division has finally made its appearance and we may begin our march,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:00PM,Butterworth,Word is we are to march. Preparations have been hectic.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,01:30PM,Mercer,"We have made a hearty breakfast, and not knowing when we will eat again, we each stowed away a double portion of Walsdragen's fine eggs.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,03:00PM,Butterworth,Marching.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,03:00PM,Mercer,Passed through Castre (an old Roman legionary station). The 23d Light Dragoons have also received orders to march upon Enghien.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,03:15PM,Mercer,Captain Dance told me he was at the ball at Brussels last night. The report was that Blucher had been attacked. We are sent to support him.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,03:30PM,Butterworth,Still marching.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:00PM,Butterworth,"Met up with some dragoons, who also have marching orders, though nobody seems to know just where we're marching to.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:15PM,Butterworth,We've been ordered to pull our heavy guns and ammunition across a bog. Completely daft if you ask me. 'Twill take hours.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:45PM,Mercer,We are trudging across a perfect black bog. Our 9-pounders sink. The horses slip up to the shoulders every minute.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:45PM,von Muffling,We have reached Quatre Bras along with the troops.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:50PM,von Muffling,The enemy has placed his advanced posts opposite Perponcher's division.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:52PM,von Muffling,Intelligence has reached me that the Prussian army is assembling at Ligny. The Duke feels it best to go there and counsel with Blucher.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,04:53PM,von Muffling,The Duke has expressed his intention to support the Field-Marshall in all he requires. I believe he means it.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:00PM,von Muffling,The main part of my duty is mediator between the Field-Marshals. This is hard: they often disagree & General Gneisenau distrusts the Duke.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:05PM,von Muffling,The Duke is meeting with the Field-Marshal at the windmill of Bry,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:15PM,von Muffling,Gneisenau believes the Duke's troops should arrive sooner than Wellington and I know to be possible.,,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:20PM,von Muffling,"I looked over the position at Quatre Bras as we passed through. Generally speaking, I considered the position there beyond measure bad",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:30PM,Mercer,"How we passed through the bog, I know not; but through we have come, and without accident. It took considerable time to do so.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:30PM,von Muffling,"Even with Wellington's troops marching at full speed, Blucher's troops would have to hold their position for five hours alone.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,05:35PM,von Muffling,"Gneisenau and Wellington cannot agree on what is possible, what is prudent, nor what will eventually happen.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:00PM,Butterworth,"Seems half the army has gathered here, milling about waiting for orders. Even the townsfolk are watching, like we're traveling performers.",,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:00PM,Mercer,"We have come out upon a more open and dry country, close to a park. I inquired and have learned we have reached Enghien",119,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:00PM,Gerard,We are marching without rest.,29,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:20PM,Mercer,Various columns of cavalry are converging here. Sir Ormsby Vandeleur's brigade of light dragoons are among them.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:25PM,Mercer,"Attracted by the novelty of the scene and the fine weather, many visitors have stationed themselves within the park, watching us.",129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:30PM,Mercer,No sign of Major M'Donald. No staff-officer to be seen. No one knows anything regarding our orders.,99,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:35PM,Butterworth,"Some troops pass through without even slowing down. They must look at us and wonder what we're about, taking our leisure as we are.",131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:40PM,Mercer,Several corps have arrived and passed on without even halting. All profess ignorance of their destination. Pleasant situation this!,131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:45PM,Mercer,"I now begin to reflect very seriously on whether ""to stay"" or ""not to stay."" ",77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:50PM,Butterworth,"Mercer seems unsure what to do next. Were I to wager, I'd say we'll be marching again soon. We are expert marchers.",115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,06:55PM,Mercer,"Sir H. Vivian's hussars & Major Bull's horse artillery passed. Bull, like myself, is without orders, but opts to stick close to the cavalry.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,07:00PM,Mercer,Have decided to follow Major Bull. We are now on the road to Steenkerke.,72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,07:10PM,Butterworth,We're marching again.,21,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:00PM,Butterworth,Marching. There is little else to report except that we are also very hungry and haven't a drop to drink.,105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:00PM,von Muffling,"On our return to Quatre Bras we found Ney fully engaged in the attack. Without some intervention, the Prussians will be roundly beaten back.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:05PM,Mercer,"How odd. We met with an aide-de-camp posting away at full speed, dressed as if having only just left a ballroom.",112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:10PM,von Muffling,Have sent word to the Prince of Orange that reenforcements will not arrive as soon as hoped. He must hold back some the enemy on his own.,137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:30PM,von Muffling,The Prussian Army will be cut off from the rest of the Allied troops along with the English who are marching to meet them.,122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,08:40PM,von Muffling,"We must carry the day. At the very least, a defeat must be avoided.",67,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:30PM,Gerard,Approaching the battle field. We can hear the sounds of the battle.,67,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:30PM,von Muffling,Orders have been sent to the marching troops to make all possible haste and attack Ney from the flanks.,103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:40PM,Gerard,The stalks of rye oppose our advance; the tops are up to our bonnets. We grope our way through as fast as we can.,113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:45PM,Gerard,Forward we hasten though we cannot see the enemy before us.,59,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,09:57PM,Gerard,We have emerged from the tall rye in a field of clover. The sights and sounds of battle are all around us,105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:00PM,Butterworth,I'd give my eyeteeth for a bite to eat. I'd give every tooth in my head for bit to drink.,89,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:00PM,Mercer,"The men are almost ravenous with hunger, and have been roasted alive by the burning sun under which we have been marching all day. ",131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:00PM,Gerard,"We are very much straggled, far from being in a formation fit to repel an attack.",81,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:00PM,von Muffling,"A Prussian officer has been reported nearby with a message for me, though no one can seem to deliver it nor make sense of the situation.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:03PM,Gerard,"The Belgian skirmishers, having held their own against their attackers, now fall back to within our ranks.",106,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:08PM,Gerard,A regiment of lancers has emerged from the nearby woods. They appear to be Brunswickers coming to cut up the flying [French] infantry,133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:10PM,Butterworth,"Tweren't enough to just march. Now we march up a summit, passed on all sides by those swifter than us.",102,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:10PM,Mercer,"We are ordered to march again. Here, as before, I can obtain no intelligence respecting our march.",98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:10PM,Gerard,We are loading our muskets as we attempt to form our square and watch for the inevitable appearance of the enemy.,113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:12PM,Mercer,"Groups of dragoons and hussars, mingled with our guns, scramble up the steep ascent, amongst the gigantic tree trunks.",118,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:12PM,Gerard,"A German orderly dragoon galloped up, exclaiming 'Franchee ! Franchee !' and, wheeling about, galloped off. The French? Where?",126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:13PM,Gerard,"They are not Brunswickers! The French cavalry is all-but upon us! We have attempted to form a rallying square, but no time for particularity.",141,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:13PM,Gerard,Our enemies approach at full charge; the feet of their horses seem to tear up the ground. In moments they will be upon us.,122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:15PM,Mercer,"The dull tramp of horses, the rattling of sabres, the voices of command, are all magnified by the echo of the forest, as if under a vault.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:15PM,Gerard,Enemy from all directions!,26,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:16PM,Gerard,"We fight back to back, desperate to maintain our square, every moment fearing we will be broken.",96,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:20PM,Mercer,"We have reached the summit, but are now quite alone, all the cavalry having gone on.",84,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:22PM,Mercer,"We march on, alone.",19,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:25PM,Mercer,"These are good men. Gunner Butterworth is one of the greatest pickles in the troop, but, at the same time, a most daring, active soldier.",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:25PM,Gerard,"We are holding them off, but only just.",39,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:35PM,Butterworth,"The men are debating the sounds we hear ahead of us. For me, I know certain what they are, having heard them before. Those are cannons.",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:35PM,Mercer,"Emerging from the woods, we hear a dull, sullen sound, somewhat resembling that of a distant water-mill, or still more distant thunder.",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:37PM,Mercer,The sound has become more distinct. Its character is no longer questionable—heavy firing of cannon and musketry.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:40PM,Butterworth,"Towering smoke and clearer sounds have proven me right. We are approaching a battle, fierce by the noise of it.",111,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:40PM,Mercer,"In the direction of the sounds, volumes of grey smoke arise, leaving no doubt of what is occurring. The object of our march is now evident.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:40PM,Gerard,"Our square is broken! Our square is broken! The enemy charges through our lines, lances drawn!",94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:42PM,Mercer,"Major M'Donald has arrived, ordering us to join with the Household brigade, under Lord Edward Somerset, but no instructions where or when.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:43PM,Gerard,"It is a slaughter. We fight, but all is confusion.",50,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:45PM,Mercer,"The hussars mounted, set off at a brisk trot, and we followed. Alas! Where are my ammunition waggons? ",102,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:50PM,Mercer,The increasing intensity of the cannonade & volumes of smoke about the trees leads us to suppose the battle is near at hand.,124,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:50PM,Gerard,"Colonel Macara has fallen, his head fully pierced by a French lancer. Surely he is dead! Our brave Colonel is dead!",115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:52PM,Mercer,We fancy we can hear the shouts of the combatants.,50,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:52PM,Gerard,"We have pressed round Macara, vainly attempting to save him. The enemy is everywhere with their lances.",103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:55PM,Butterworth,"Again we are watched by crowds of curious civilians. Civilians they must be, no seasoned soldier would wish to watch more death and warfare.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:55PM,Gerard,Man to man we fight. So many are falling. So many are dead.,59,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:57PM,Butterworth,The sounds grow louder as we draw closer. Experience with battle doesn't completely keep the fear at bay.,105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,10:57PM,Mercer,"Crowds of people have assembled on the heights, seeking to get a sight of the fearful tragedy playing out before them.",118,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:00PM,Mercer,"All is confusion, agitation, and movement.",42,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:00PM,von Muffling,"The English have arrived at last, though the Prussians have valiantly held the field for hours unassisted. The tide must turn now.",130,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:01PM,Mercer," Explosion after explosion, startling from their vicinity, like lengthened thunder-claps which announce a storm too near for comfort.",133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:05PM,Mercer,The whole population of Nivelle is in the streets huddled together like frightened sheep.,89,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:08PM,Mercer,"Numerous bleeding figures pass us, some staggering along unaided, the blood falling from them in large drops as they go.",120,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:10PM,Butterworth,"So many wounded pass us, looking for aid.",41,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:10PM,Mercer,"Passed a man wounded in the head; pale & ghastly, with affrighted looks & uncertain step. He knows not where he is. A battle lies before us.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:11PM,Butterworth, One of the worst parts of battle is knowing how many die only because no one has time to bind their wounds.,108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:12PM,Mercer,"At every step we pass wounded, hurrying in search of that assistance which many will never live to receive & others will receive too late.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:15PM,Mercer,"Priests run to and fro, hastening to assist at the last moments of the dying.",77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:16PM,Mercer,Women mingle in this scene of agitation. They look at us as we pass & pray for our safety and success.,102,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:16PM,Mercer," Strange that the sight, even the recollection, of all that is tender & compassionate, of woman, strengthens us.",112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:20PM,Mercer,"A private of the 92d Highlanders came limping along. He says his regiment his swept off, their colonel killed.",110,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:23PM,Mercer,The Highlander has a musketball lodged in his knee. Hitchins is preparing to extract the ball right here on the roadside.,121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/16/11,11:40PM,Mercer,"The ball is out, the knee bound. The poor man made not a single exclamation throughout the operation. He has thanked us & gone on his way.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:20AM,Mercer,The firing grows slacker as we enter the field of Quatre Bras.,62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:30AM,Butterworth,The ground is littered with the dead--a sight I doubt I will ever grow accustomed to seeing.,92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:30AM,Mercer," Our horses stumble from time to time over corpses of the slain, which they are too tired to step over.",103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:32AM,von Muffling,"The French have been driven back, but they hold the Farm of Germioncourt, in front of the Duke's centre.",104,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:30AM,Mercer,"We are to establish ourselves amongst the remains of a wheat crop, ordered to bouviac for the night.",100,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:30AM,von Muffling,A renewed push has given us control of the Farm.,48,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:35AM,Butterworth,We are to make camp in the wheat field. At least we are done marching for the day.,82,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:35AM,von Muffling,"The day, it seems, will end in a strategic draw. Hostilities will, no doubt, resume come morning.",97,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:40AM,Butterworth,"I cannot decide if I am more hungry or more tired. As there is no food, the argument is pointless.",98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,02:50AM,Mercer,"We have nothing to eat, can procure nothing, and will likely go to supperless to bed.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:00AM,Mercer," The doctor arrived with the remnant of a large meat-pie. He, good man, with laudable zeal and presence of mind brought it on the march.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:20AM,Mercer,"The sixth part of the remnant of a pie went little way to satisfy the cravings of our stomachs, which have had so long a holiday.",129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,04:40AM,Mercer,So many attempting to feed and water horses that the undertaking has required 2 full hours.,91,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,04:45AM,Mercer,"One by one, we sank on the ground, overcome by sleep.",53,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:55AM,Butterworth,I can hear musket fire. Fighting has begun again already.,57,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:55AM,Butterworth,I can hear musket fire. Fighting has begun again already.,57,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:00AM,Mercer,"Have awakened to the popping fire of musketry, apparently close at hand.",72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:00AM,von Muffling,Sent out the aides-de-camp to ascertain our situation now that the army is once more assembled.,95,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:05AM,Mercer,I begin now to entertain serious apprehensions about our missing waggons. What are we to do without our supplies?,113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:30AM,Mercer,"Daylight gradually unfolds to us our situation. The plateau we're on was covered with corn, now almost everywhere trodden down.",127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:40AM,Mercer,"Major M'Donald told me of the great battle of yesterday, that the Prussians, of necessity, have retreated and so must we.",121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:45AM,Mercer,"We are to follow the infantry, covering the retreat.",52,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:47AM,Butterworth,"Order has come to retreat. We march again, but back over ground we marched yesterday.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:47AM,Butterworth,"Order has come to retreat. We march again, but back over ground we marched yesterday.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:50AM,Mercer,"The retreat goes on quietly. Every corps halts for a time near Quatre Bras 'til another arrives, then they move off on the road to Brussels.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:50AM,Butterworth,"To spend all day marching, only to turn around and go backward is unspeakably frustrating.",90,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:50AM,Butterworth,"To spend all day marching, only to turn around and go backward is unspeakably frustrating.",90,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,12:00PM,von Muffling,Word has reached us that Blucher's troops retreated to Wavre-this is likely the information the Pr. soldier attempted to deliver yesterday.,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:00PM,von Muffling,The troops will be given time to cook and eat in recognition of the long and difficult day that past yesterday.,111,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,01:10PM,von Muffling,The Duke must decide what is best to be done. So much is uncertain and these decisions will no doubt prove crucial.,115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:00PM,von Muffling,An officer has arrived from Wavre. Here is news of Blucher.,59,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:05PM,von Muffling,"The Duke has, based on this report, has decided to accept a battle in the position of Mont St. Jean.",100,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:06PM,von Muffling,This strategy hinges on the Field-Marshal coming to his assistance even if with only one corps.,95,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,03:15PM,von Muffling,We are for Mont St. Jean.,25,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,05:00PM,Mercer,"Now that our army is united, all anticipate nothing less than an immediate attack on the French position.",105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,05:15PM,Mercer,We were sadly knocked down at the extent of our retrat. The most gloomy anticipations pervade every breast.,107,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:00PM,Mercer,"My troop is quite alone, on the brow of the position, just by the farm of Quatre Bras.",86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:01PM,Butterworth,We have halted near a farm. I know not our purpose here.,56,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:01PM,Butterworth,We have halted near a farm. I know not our purpose here.,56,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:05PM,Mercer,"Everywhere mementoes of yesterday's bloody struggle meet the eye—corn trampled, the ground plentifully besprinkled with bodies of the slain",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:06PM,Mercer,"A fearful scene of slaughter—Highlanders and cuirassiers thickly strewn about; immediately bordering the road, they lay most numerously.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:08PM,Butterworth," The scene before us is horrible. I think, instead, of happier thoughts: the only one that comes to mind is we, for once, are not marching.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:08PM,Butterworth," The scene before us is horrible. I think, instead, of happier thoughts: the only one that comes to mind is we, for once, are not marching.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:10PM,Mercer,"In the woods, I stumbled upon a victim of war: young, French, darling of some fond mother, the adored of some fair maid. My heart sinks.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:12PM,Mercer,"My battery stands in position on the brow of the declivity, with its right near the wall of the farm, all alone",111,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,06:45PM,Mercer,The French army makes no demonstration of an advance. This inactivity is unaccountable.,87,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:00PM,Mercer,Lord Uxbridge and an aide-de-camp came to the front of my battery. His lordship with his glass is watching the French position,126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:15PM,Mercer,Lord Uxbridge has declared those we watch to be Prussians. He and his aides have dashed off like a whirlwind to meet them.,122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:25PM,Mercer,"The whole French army descends! Their cavalry picket already skirmished with our hussars, driving them back. I fear for Uxbridge's safety.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:26PM,Mercer,I am left without orders. The whole French army is advancing and are already at no great distance.,98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:26PM,Butterworth,The entire French Army appears to be rushing toward us. I have heard no orders.,79,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:30PM,Mercer,Have decided to position my men in front of Vandeleur's squadrons. Will fire a round at the French advance & clear it enough for his charge.,140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:40PM,Mercer,Ormsby loudly berated me for the position we have taken and will not listen to my reasoning.,92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,08:45PM,Mercer,Uxbridge arrived and supported my decision. We are in position and prepared to fire.,84,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,09:00PM,Mercer,"Large isolated masses of thundercloud, almost inky black, lag down, as if about to burst, hang suspended over us.",113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,09:10PM,Mercer,The first gun firing was insantly followed by a clap of thunder and blinding lightning.,87,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,09:10PM,Butterworth,Shots have been fired!,22,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,09:12PM,Butterworth,It is raining as though water is being poured out of heaven in tubs.,68,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,09:15PM,Mercer,Rain comes down like a water-spout has broken over us. ,55,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:00PM,Mercer,"We gallop for our lives through the storm. Lord Uxbridge urges us on, crying, ""Make haste! for God's sake, gallop, or you will be taken!""",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:05PM,Mercer,"We succeeded in getting amongst the houses and gardens, but with the French advance close on our heels.",103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:15PM,Mercer,"At seeing the chaussee full of hussars, the French pulled up. Had they continued their charge, we were gone!",108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:25PM,Mercer,Lord Uxbridge ordered me to follow with my men & guns. He led the way into one of the narrow lanes between the gardens.,119,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:35PM,Mercer,A body of chasseurs is upon us. Uxbridge has fled. We have not time to reverse the guns and flee before we are set upon.,120,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:37PM,Mercer,The whole transaction appears to me so wild and confused that at times I can hardly believe it is more than a confused dream—yet true it is,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:40PM,Mercer,My back is to the enemy advancing up the lane. I momentarily expect to be fired upon.,85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:41PM,Mercer,"They sit motionless as we desperately attempt to flee. While grateful for their inactivity, I cannot but wonder at their stupidity.",131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:50PM,Mercer,This entire day has been all blunder and confusion,50,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:52PM,Mercer,"His lordship we found collecting scattered hussars together into a squadron for our rescue, for which purpose he so unceremoniously left us.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,10:55PM,Butterworth,We were very nearly mowed down on the street. Too close. Too close.,67,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:00PM,Mercer,"The order has been given. Away we go: guns, gun-detachments, hussars all mixed pell-mell; going like mad & covering each other with mud.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:05PM,Butterworth,"We have been ordered to the rear. It seems the moment we assume a position, we are sent away again.",99,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:10PM,Mercer,"The rain now comes down in splashes instead of drops, soaking us to the skin & extinguishing every slow-match in the brigade.",125,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:15PM,Mercer,The obscurity caused by the splashing of the rain is such that I cannot distinguish objects more than a few yards distant.,122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:20PM,Mercer,"The heavy rain continues, though, compared with the thunderings of earlier, the weather is comparatively fine.",110,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:20PM,Butterworth,Once again we are pushing heavy guns through mud. The ground is so thick with it we constantly find ourselves stuck.,116,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:30PM,Mercer,We silently wind our way up the deserted street. Nothing disturbs its death-like stillness save sound of our march & the splashing of water.,140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:40PM,Mercer,On the high ground beyond the town. Suddenly in sight of the main body of our cavalry. Such fellows! Surely nothing can withstand them.,135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/17/11,11:45PM,Mercer,"An order from his lordship has recalled us to the rear, though why, I cannot say. The action appears to all be before us.",121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:00AM,Mercer,Have reached the rear. The flight of shot and shells over us (the road sits low between 2 high banks) explains the reason for our orders.,137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:00AM,Butterworth,Exchanging fire with the French.,32,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:02AM,Butterworth,"Even as we load our guns, we realize our ammunition supply is dwindling.",72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:10AM,Mercer,"The ground is heavy from the rain, and very steep. Only by great exertion are we succeeding in getting our guns into the adjoining field. ",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:10AM,Butterworth,Marching again. Our unit's history will recount all of this battle in two words: We marched.,92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:30AM,Mercer,The French battery has bestowed up on us its undivided attention. We are acknowledging with uncommonly well-directed fire of spherical case.,140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:30AM,Butterworth,"Taken position. Firing in earnest now. The French shots go over our heads and land in the mud behind us. Thus far, no loss of men or horses.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:40AM,Mercer,"The French seem well convinced of our accuracy. After only a few rounds, they have quit the field.",98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,12:45AM,Mercer,Lord Uxbridge is engaged in the fighting which rages in the streets,67,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:00AM,Mercer,Our ammunition is expended.,27,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:10AM,Mercer,"Lord Uxbridge & those he had retained at Genappe, came sweeping over the hill and joined us, closely followed by the French light cavalry,",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:15AM,Mercer,I have been sent after the ammunition waggons. The unit is marching to another position.,88,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:25AM,Mercer,Passed La Belle Alliance.,25,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:40AM,Mercer,We have rejoined the army. It is impossible to describe the pleasing sense of security I feel.,94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:45AM,Mercer,"The French have brought up battery after battery, and a tremendous cannonading is kept up by both sides.",104,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:00AM,Mercer,"All their shot grazes short. Only one shot has struck amongst us, but injured neither horse nor man.",100,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:10AM,Mercer,"Napoleon and his staff are near the road. A shot, pointed by Q'mstr Hall, fell among them, causing confusion, but didn't hinder them.",133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:12AM,Butterworth,I believe we just shot at Napoleon himself.,43,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:15AM,Mercer,"Sir Thomas Picton came among us a moment, asking a great many questions, though I did not, at first, recognize him.",115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:45AM,Mercer,The enemy has ceased firing altogether. We have been ordered to do the same and establish ourselves in bivouac for the night.,125,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:46AM,Butterworth,All is growing quiet as night approaches. We've been ordered to make camp.,74,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:47AM,Butterworth," Perhaps the unit history will read: We marched, made camp and marched again.",77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:50AM,Mercer,"We have come down the hill to a large farm, and set up camp in the adjoining orchard.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:55AM,Mercer,"The muddy fields we left behind were that morning covered with fine crops of wheat, but now are little better than sloughs. ",124,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:00AM,Mercer,"We have discovered our camp site is nearly ankle-deep in water. But it is growing dark, too late to hunt out another.",117,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:00AM,von Muffling,Word has arrived from Blucher. He has assured the Duke of his willingness and ability to support the allies on the field of battle.,131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:10AM,Butterworth,Our camp sight is inches deep in water. I'd be willing to march more if it meant finding a drier location. It grows dark & we must remain.,138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:15AM,Mercer,"Thoroughly wet—cloaks, blankets, and all— comfort is out of the question. We must make the best of it.",102,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:15AM,Butterworth,"The rain is falling again as heavy as ever. Also, we have no food. Again. Exhaustion may not be enough to get me to sleep tonight.",130,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:30AM,Mercer,"We have absolutely nothing! Rest alone must restore our exhausted strength. Supperless to bed after such a day, yet there is no help for it.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:30AM,Butterworth,Lying still with my eyes closed is not the same as sleeping. I will be more tired come morning than I was when I retired.,121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:45AM,Mercer,"The rain has returned, heavy as ever. We roll ourselves in our wet blankets, huddled close together, in hope of keeping each other warm.",136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,04:30AM,Mercer,"We all lay perfectly still and silent. I believe the majority only pretend to sleep, bearing their suffering with admirable heroism.",132,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,04:45AM,Mercer,There is no possibility of sleeping. I am wet. The tent provides no shelter. Water pours through the canvas in streams.,119,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,05:00AM,Mercer,"An infernal clatter of musketry continues. If not for the stillness of the night, otherwise, we might believe ourselves under a night attack",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:00PM,von Muffling,Am riding out with the Duke to inspect the environs for the battle we know will be upon us soon.,96,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,01:20PM,von Muffling,Napoleon seems to be paying no attention to his left flank. He will not expect Blucher when he arrives.,103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:00PM,von Muffling,Rain has fallen since yesterday and the ground is thick with mud.,65,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:00PM,Mercer,"Ammunition has arrived, along with beef, biscuit and oatmeal. We will, at last, eat.",84,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:05PM,Butterworth,Food has arrived! Never has oatmeal tasted so good.,51,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:30PM,von Muffling,"Sent word to Blucher that if 2 corps of the Prussian army were to take possession of the plateau, this would decide the battle.",127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,02:45PM,Mercer,The French army is on the opposite hill where everything appears perfectly quiet.,81,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:00PM,Coignet,The Emperor gave orders for a general attack!,45,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:00PM,von Muffling,The battle has begun in earnest.,32,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:00PM,Mercer,Our troop has been ordered to march.,36,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:30PM,Butterworth,"We are marching again, which should have come as no surprise.",61,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:45PM,de Marbot,Ours is the only regiment guarding this point—we have but three guns and a single battalion of infantry.,104,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,03:50PM,de Marbot,"We've been positioned on the extreme right, fronting the stream of the Dyle.",76,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,04:00PM,de Marbot,"Emp Napoleon's instructions: keep in view of the field of battle, watch for Grouchy's arrival",93,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,04:00PM,Coignet,"Marshal Ney has a formidable task before him. He cannot take it without reinforcements, which he continually sends for but never receives.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,04:00PM,Mercer,The ground is so wet we are struggling to move our heavy guns.,62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,05:30PM,Mercer," Maj M'Lloyd's battery took the brunt of the first attack. He has begged our assistance, lest his men be completely wiped out.",126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,05:45PM,de Marbot,"Emperor's orders, via an orderly officer: push as far as possible in the direction of Wavre.",92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,05:45PM,Mercer,Maj M'Donald gave me a sharp reprimand for having quitted my bivouac. I am ordered to return and wait for orders.,113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,05:50PM,Butterworth,And now back again to where we began.,37,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:00PM,Mercer,"Shot & shells continually plunge into the muddy soil all around us. We have dismounted, making us a little less liable to be hit.",129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:05PM,de Marbot,"Still awaiting Grouchy's arrival. Without his support, we are sunk.",67,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:10PM,Mercer,We have been ordered to the right of the second line. There is no rest in war.,78,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:25PM,Mercer,"They are firing directly at us! We have been positively ordered not to return fire, but to watch as lancers threaten our right flank.",133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:25PM,Butterworth,We are being fired upon. The battle begins again.,49,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:27PM,Butterworth,"French shot rains in around us. We are at our guns, awaiting the order to fire.",79,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:30PM,von Muffling,The fighting is so fierce I fear Napoleon will defeat our British soldiers before the Prussians have time to arrive.,116,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:30PM,Mercer,"The corn, down to the edge of the ravine nearer the Nivelle road and beyond it, is full of French riflemen.",107,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:35PM,Mercer,Have heard Maj M'Lloyd is gravely wounded. I hope he has heard why we did not come to his assistance. I hope to God he understands.,131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:40PM,Mercer,"We are plagued by French howitzer shells with long fuses, which are continually falling about us.",97,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:40PM,Butterworth,Shots exchanged.,16,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:45PM,de Marbot,"Through the smoke I see English gunners abandoning their pieces, all but six guns stationed under the road",106,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:45PM,Mercer,"Grey smoke fills the valley beyond, and rises high in the air above the hill.",77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:47PM,de Marbot,"Our cuirassiers are upon their squares, their fire drawn in zig-zags. Surely, those gunners will be cut to pieces",113,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:47PM,Mercer,"Torrents of French cavalry of all arms come sweeping over the ridge, as if carrying all before them.",100,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:49PM,de Marbot,"No. The devils keep firing with grape, mowing our charge down like grass.",73,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,06:59PM,de Marbot,One section has fallen in with Prussian Cavalry. We have captured a few men. We are hastening toward Saint-Lambert.,115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:00PM,de Marbot,A strong column is seen advancing toward us. Have sent word to Emperor. Awaiting instructions.,94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:00PM,Coignet,All is confusion and continual movement.,40,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:00PM,von Muffling,"The Duke has changed the position of his right flank to protect against a charge by the enemy, but this will not work without the Prussians.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:00PM,Mercer,I have ventured to disobey orders & open a slow deliberate fire at the battery. I believe my 9-pounders will silence the enemy's 4-pounders.,140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:05PM,Mercer,Our shot has been answered with at least half-a-dozen shots of very superior calibre. I had not suspected the enemy to be so well armed.,136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:07PM,Mercer,Gunner Hunt has been hit! I shall never forget the scream the poor lad gave when struck. His arm is shattered to pieces!,120,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:08PM,Mercer,"That scream went to my very soul. I brought on his misfortune. I must conceal my emotion from the men. They have turned to look at him, but must be brought to a remembrance of their immediate duty.",197,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:10PM,de Marbot,The Emporer is confident the advancing column of soldiers must be Grouchy. We are instructed to go forward boldly and join him.,127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:10PM,Mercer,Hitchins has gone to Hunt's assistance.,39,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:10PM,Butterworth,Someone has been hit. I heard the cry but have not learned who the poor soul is.,80,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:11PM,Mercer,"I have ordered our gun to cease firing, and the enemy appears to have done the same. The 4-pounders alone continue the cannonade.",129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:15PM,de Marbot,Not Grouchy! Blucher's corps have arrived! Our single regiment will not be enough. We will not be enough!,105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:15PM,Butterworth,"We have been ordered to stop firing. The French have stopped as well. My heart continues to pound, for I know the day is not yet over.",134,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:25PM,de Marbot,We are driven in. The enemy is on us. No one is giving orders.,62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:28PM,Mercer,"Dense columns of smoke rise straight into the air like a great pillar, then spread out like a mushroom-head.",108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:30PM,de Marbot,"Word sent to Emperor that Grouch has not arrived. His reply: ""Let Grouchy know."" I don't know what to make of that answer.",122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:30PM,von Muffling,A serious attack has commenced on the left.,43,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:30PM,Mercer,"Bolton stopped and spoke with me a moment, before continuing on to fulfill his duties.",86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:35PM,Mercer,Many of Bolton's men and horses are falling! The slaughter is immense.,70,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:40PM,Mercer,"Ammunition waggons are continually exploding, yet, the other noises of battle are too overpowering to allow the explosions to even be heard.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:50PM,Mercer,Multitudes of French cavalry continually pour over the front ridge,66,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,07:59PM,Mercer,"Bolton is killed. He left me but a few minutes ago, and now is killed!",70,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:00PM,von Muffling,"I am sent to the left wing to meet the Prussian army when it arrives, as they will know nothing of the field nor the Duke's strategy.",133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:00PM,Mercer,Am talking with Col Gould. We both cannot help thinking our situation appears rather desperate,94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:00PM,Butterworth,"All around us, men are being slaughtered, mowed down.",53,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:00PM,Coignet,"Ney has put the English to rout, but without positive success.",62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:05PM,Mercer,"Should a retreat be necessary, there is but one road. It would be instantly choked up. A disaster waiting to occur",114,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:06PM,Mercer,"Despite my fears, I trust the Duke. He will get us out of this somehow or other, even in the face of this near catastrophe.",123,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:20PM,Mercer,"A dark mass of cavalry is sweeping down the slope in swarms like an enormous surf. The first line is overwhelmed, as we, no doubt will be.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:21PM,Butterworth,French cavalry are coming over the hill. I stand at my position at my gun and wait.,83,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:22PM,Mercer,An awful silence pervades our position as we watch their unstoppable approach.,78,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:23PM,Mercer,I fear all is over.,19,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:23PM,Butterworth,The unit watches in silence as our impending doom approaches.,61,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:25PM,Mercer,"The 14th has formed their square, springing, as it were, from the very earth!",77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:30PM,von Muffling,I have just arrived on the left wing to find Picton's troops force back by a charge of the enemy. Picton is fallen. I know not his fate.,136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:35PM,Mercer,"Loud and repeated shouts, not English hurrahs, sound from the other side.",73,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:37PM,Mercer,"Two dense columns of infantry push toward us as a quick pace. We cannot help but believe they are French, yet we delay firing.",126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:38PM,Mercer,The commanding officer of the 14th has ridden out to ascertain who the column is and assures us they are French.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:39PM,Butterworth,Someone is coming at us from the side. French in front. French from the side. We stand like men at a mark.,106,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:40PM,von Muffling,I continually dispatch information to Blucher so he will know of the circumstances. That he were here already. His men are sorely needed.,137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:40PM,Mercer,Order has come to fire.,23,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:41PM,Mercer,Col Gould recognises them as Belgians--not French. We can breath again.,71,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:45PM,von Muffling,The slaughter is immense and beyond description.,48,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:45PM,Butterworth,"It is not the French. We, at least, are not surrounded.",55,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:50PM,von Muffling,The muddy ground hampers movement on all side.,46,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,08:55PM,von Muffling,"This battle rages on, claiming men and horses at an alarming rate.",66,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:00PM,von Muffling,"The situation is critical. Without the Prussian army, the Duke cannot hope to win the day.",90,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:00PM,Mercer,"I am riding with Frazer. His face is as black from the smoke, the jacket-sleeve of his right arm torn open by a musket-ball or case-shot.",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:02PM,Mercer,Frazer says the enemy has assembled an enormous mass of heavy cavalry. In all probability we will be faced with them.,117,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:10PM,Mercer,The air is suffocatingly hot. We are enveloped in thick smoke. The cannon & muskets roar incessantly amidst a mysterious humming noise.,135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:15PM,Mercer,So thick is the hail of balls & bullets that is seems dangerous to extend an arm lest it should be torn off.,108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:15PM,Butterworth,The firing never ceases. The Brunswickers are dropping by the dozens. French heavy cavalry will soon be upon us.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:17PM,Mercer,"The Brunswickers are falling fast. Every shot makes great gaps in their squares. They are but boys, panicstricken.",114,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:17PM,Butterworth,Never have I seen a battle such as this.,40,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:18PM,Mercer,"I can see a squadron of the advancing column through the smoke. They cannot be 100 yards distant, for I cannot see further than that.",133,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:18PM,Butterworth,The enemy is fast approaching.,30,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:19PM,Butterworth,Fear lurks in the faces of my commrades.,40,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:20PM,von Muffling,"It has been decided not to wait for the arrival of all of Bullow's units, but to proceed as soon as the two 12-pounders arrive.",127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:20PM,Mercer,"We are firing on the advancing enemy, relentless and determined, though I have my doubts our efforts will prove sufficient.",123,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:23PM,Mercer,I fear it is all over with us.,30,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:25PM,Butterworth,We fire. Again and again. Unceasing. Desperate.,47,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:30PM,Butterworth,The enemy is retreating. There is hope yet.,43,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:40PM,Mercer,"The enemy has turned to either flank and begins to retreat. The try to force their way through their own column, only to become stuck. ",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:40PM,Butterworth,"We continue our barrage, watching as they flee before it. We may not be obliterated after all.",94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:41PM,Mercer,We keep up a steady fire of case-shot.,38,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:42PM,Mercer,It is impossible to paint this scene of slaughter and confusion.,64,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:45PM,Mercer,An accident at the guns has brought down Gunner Butterworth. His arms are blown off at the elbows!,98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:46PM,Butterworth,"I fell, stuck in the muddy soil, just as the gun I loaded went off, throwing me before it. My arms are blown off. Blown off by own gun.",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:47PM,Mercer,"Butterworth raises himself up on his stumps, looking up most piteously in my face. To assist is impossible. The battle rages.",125,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:48PM,Butterworth,"Shock, numbness flood through me as I lie on the ground, nothing but bloodied stumps to raise myself up on.",107,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:49PM,Butterworth,"There is no one to help me, they all must continue to fire and load and go about the business of war.",101,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:50PM,Mercer,The French column has reassembled.,34,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:50PM,Butterworth,"Wounded must retreat to the back. We are all taught that, but accomplishing it is nearly impossible.",100,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:53PM,Butterworth,"I pull myself, inch by inch.",28,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:55PM,Mercer,"A ball just whized close to the back of my neck, striking, not me, but Driver Miller in the forehead. He has fallen, dead.",122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:55PM,Butterworth,The bleeding will not stop. I have not hands to bind my own wounds and no one can stop to help me.,98,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:57PM,Butterworth,I can see the road. Tell myself to go that far. Just that far.,62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:58PM,Butterworth,Each step grows harder.,23,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,09:59PM,Mercer,"The French column moves in profound silence, the only sound the reverberation of the ground beneath the simultaneous step of so many horses.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:00PM,de Marbot,"The big generals do nothing but make bad speeches; the small ones lose their heads, and all goes wrong.",103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:00PM,von Muffling,"The Field-Marshal has begun his cannonade, as well as his advance against Planchenois.",86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:00PM,Mercer,They advance closer. I let them. We wait to fire.,49,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:00PM,Butterworth,"I look into the eyes of all I pass, silently begging for assistance as they walk on or turn away with a look of helpless apology.",129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:01PM,Mercer,They are but 50 or 60 yards.,28,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:02PM,Mercer,I have ordered the guns to fire.,32,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:03PM,Mercer,The effect is horrible. Nearly the whole leading rank has fallen at once.,73,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:04PM,Mercer,"The ground, already encumbered with victims on the first struggle, is now almost impassable. Still, these devoted warriors struggle on.",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:05PM,Mercer,"The enemy who push forward over the carcasses of their own men and horses gain but a few paces before they, too, fall.",118,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:05PM,Butterworth,I have nearly reached the road. Nearly. Surely someone there will assist me.,76,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:06PM,Mercer,The discharge of every gun is followed by a fall of men and horses like that of grass before the mower's scythe.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:07PM,Butterworth,The wounded stagger past me off the field. The able-bodied rush in the direction of battle and I am here alone.,111,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:10PM,Mercer,"Butterworth, I am told, succeeded in rising and has gone to the rear. In the chaos of battle, I hope he can find the assistance he needs.",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:10PM,Butterworth,"I am sitting at the roadside and, strangely, thinking not of the battle raging nearby, but of home.",99,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:12PM,Butterworth,"I am too weak to sit, so I lay down. I wish I could see the sky, but the smoke is too thick.",92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:20PM,Mercer,"We have a momentary break in fighting. Lieutenant Breton stands near me, taking a moment to recollect ourselves and regain our energy.",134,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:25PM,Mercer,"Cannon-shot has smashed into Breton's horse's head, which was resting very near me. I came far too close to being torn in two.",126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:27PM,Mercer,There they are again! The fighting resumes.,43,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:30PM,Mercer,"Guns roar, the battle rages.",28,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:35PM,Mercer,The French have retreated again and we have ceased firing.,58,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:37PM,Mercer,Wellington just passed close by me on his way to the front,58,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:40PM,Mercer,"A line of infantry ascends from the rear, slowly, uttering a sort of feeble, suppressed hurrah—ankledeep in a thick tenacious mud.",130,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:42PM,Mercer," They step over the numerous corpses covering the ground, out of breath from their exertions, and hardly preserving a line",122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:45PM,Mercer,"A most destructive flanking fire from a battery which has come, Lord knows how, & established itself on a knoll higher than us.",127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:46PM,Mercer,The rapidity & precision of the fire is quite appalling. Every shot takes effect. I expect we shall all be annihilated,118,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:50PM,Mercer,Our few gunners left fit for duty are so exhausted that they are unable to run the guns up after firing.,104,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:51PM,Mercer,The entire day's work has not brought such slaughter as that we are experiencing now!,85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:52PM,Mercer,"My troop is but a wreck! Fired on from all sides, in horrible confusion.",72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:55PM,Coignet,"Word has come that a column is advancing on the right wing. Emperor believes it to be Grouchy, come to support Mabot.",117,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:55PM,Mercer,"The field is so much covered with blood, that it appears as if it has been flooded with it.",91,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,10:58PM,Mercer,Fire continues on both sides. Ours becomes slacker and slacker for want of able men and ammunition. We surely shall be annihilated.,131,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:00PM,Mercer,"A battery of Belgic artillery has arrived! If not for them, we surely would be dead men!",88,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:10PM,Coignet,A column of Prussians is rapidly advancing on our right wing. Our troops are retreating.,88,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:10PM,von Muffling,Blucher has arrived! The Prussians are here! We yet have a chance.,66,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:15PM,Mercer,We are so reduced that all our strength is barely sufficient to load and fire three guns out of our six.,104,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:17PM,Coignet,"Emperor has sent a division from the centre to the right, to reinforce the retreating column.",93,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:25PM,von Muffling,Napoleon had renewed his attack with ferocity.,46,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:30PM,Coignet,General Blucher has come upon our right flank. Grouchy expected him from a different direction.,95,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:30PM,von Muffling,"The situation in our centre is desperate, units must be relocated.",66,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:40PM,von Muffling,On account of the arrival of the Prussian corps many English units are no longer needed on the left wing. They can be sent to the centre.,137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:45PM,von Muffling,The enemy is advancing with infantry against the left wing at Papelotte.,72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/18/11,11:45PM,Mercer,I am fatigued and almost deaf.,30,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:00AM,de Marbot,Our outposts are all falling back. We are closely engaged with the English left,79,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:00AM,Coignet,Our centre is weakened! The English have time to breathe. No supports available for Ney.,88,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:00AM,von Muffling,The cavalry has made their move to the centre and are undertaking brilliant charges.,84,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:05AM,Coignet,"The Prussian army has moved into line, and the junction is complete.",68,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:10AM,von Muffling,Zieten's advanced guard has suddenly turned round & disappeared just as the enemy took possession of Papelotte with his Guards.,127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:15AM,de Marbot,"Have received a lance-wound in the side; it is severe, but I think I will stay to set a good example.",101,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:15AM,von Muffling,I am riding after Zieten. His retreat must be stopped.,54,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:20AM,de Marbot,"The men are deserting, and no one stops them!",45,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:22AM,Coignet,There are two or even three of the enemy to one of us. There is no means of holding out.,88,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:25AM,de Marbot,"Surely, we have lost the day.",29,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:25AM,von Muffling,Zieten's forward scouts had reported the English right in full retreat and had changed their direction accordingly.,115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:26AM,von Muffling,"Not a retreat, I told him, but the great number of wounded (by musketry) going or being taken to the rear.",106,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:30AM,von Muffling,I have convinced Zieten to resume his march. He must not backtrack. We cannot afford the loss of time nor support.,114,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,12:40AM,von Muffling,Am riding with Zieten on his march back to Papelotte. His position is crucial & I mean to see he takes it correctly.,116,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:00AM,von Muffling,"We continue to drive back the enemy, just as needs to be done.",62,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:30AM,von Muffling,The enemy is driven from Papelotte.,35,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:45AM,von Muffling,The Prussians have broken the French line.,42,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:00AM,Coignet,"The Emperor has taken his guard, and is marching forward to the centre of his army.",83,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:00AM,von Muffling,"Am moving with a battery of Prussian artillery to the centre of the English line. Musketry-fire continues there, though the guns are silent.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:00AM,Mercer,We have ceased firing. The plain below is covered with masses of troops & we cannot distinguish one from the other.,115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:01AM,Coignet,The Emperor will get himself killed. Is it not enough for our enemies to have gained the victory? Must this sacrifice be made as well?,134,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:05AM,Coignet,We all surrounded the Emperor and compelled him to retreat rather than get himself killed. ,91,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:10AM,von Muffling,Am with the Duke at La Haye Sainte. He is evaluating the battle through his telescope.,86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:10AM,Mercer,Captain Walcot of the horse-artillery is here with us. We were all looking out anxiously at the movements below.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:11AM,Mercer,"Some of the masses are dissolving, as it were, streaming away in confused crowds over the field.",96,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:15AM,von Muffling,"McDonnel has held Hougoumont! The enemy's right is in retreat, pursued by Zieten's men.",87,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:20AM,von Muffling,"The enemy's centre, however, from the chaussee almost to Hougoumont remains immoveable",86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:30AM,von Muffling,The mounted battery on the height of La Haye Sainte has opened fire on the French center. The retreat has begun there now.,122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:30AM,Mercer,The already desultory fire of their artillery has ceased altogether. Can it be? Does the enemy indeed Flee? Is victory within our grasp?,136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:40AM,von Muffling,"Retreat on the other side of the chaussee, as well. Balls from the batteries of Bullow's corps sweep the French line.",117,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:45AM,Coignet,We are having the greatest possible difficulty in getting away. We can not make our way through the panic-stricken multitude. ,126,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:50AM,von Muffling,The Duke has gone to the centre to order a full advance.,56,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:51AM,von Muffling,I am watching the movement of the army. Pockets of men advance a little at a time in response to the Duke's orders.,115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:55AM,von Muffling,The place where the infantry fought is marked as far as the eye can see by a red line of the uniforms of the killed & wounded who lay there,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:55AM,Mercer,"We are charged with supporting the movement at hand. We have not the means of doing so, being badly broken & now so few in number.",130,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:57AM,von Muffling,"This advance of such weak battalions, with the great gaps between, appears hazardous.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:58AM,von Muffling,"General Lord Uxbridge, who commands the cavalry, has drawn the Duke's attention to the danger.",94,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:59AM,von Muffling,"The Duke will not draw back, but orders a continued advance. This must work. It must.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:00AM,Coignet,"The Emporer is trying to reestablish some kind of order among the retreating troops, but his efforts appear to be in vain.",122,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:00AM,Mercer,"Some of our anxiety has abated. The enemy is on the run, pursued by our allies. We sit where we fought.",103,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:05AM,Mercer,"Of 200 fine horses with which we had entered the battle, upwards of 140 lay dead, dying, or severely wounded.",109,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:06AM,Mercer,"Of our men who entered the battle, fewer than half remain, and these so completely exhausted as to be totally incapable of further exertion.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:10AM,Coignet,"Our men struggle and fight through the streets, panic-stricken, flying before the Prussian cavalry, hurrahing continually behind us.",132,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:12AM,Coignet,The one thought uppermost in the minds of all is to get across the bridge. Nothing can stand in the way of these desperate men.,127,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:20AM,von Muffling,"The French present but a small danger, pushed back even by our dwindling numbers. I do believe we have won the day.",115,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:30AM,von Muffling,I have joined the Prussians in their pursuit of the retreating army.,68,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:30AM,Mercer,"I am excessively tired, hoarse as to make speech painful & deaf from the internal roar of the last 11 hours.",108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:35AM,Mercer," I am devoured by a burning thirst, not a drop of liquid having passed my lips since the evening of the 16th.",109,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:00AM,Mercer,"I am endeavoring to sleep, not having left the field--too weary to be particular in my sleeping quarters.",105,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:05AM,Mercer,My cramped position & the feverish excitement of my mind prevents the sleep I so much need.,91,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:00AM,Coignet,No voice can make itself heard above the tumult.,48,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:00AM,von Muffling,Have returned to the battlefield.,33,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:00AM,Mercer,"I am up, viewing the battlefield by the pale moonlight. The field, which was all day the theatre of noise and strife, is now calm and still.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:01AM,Mercer,"On the bloody soil, caps & breastplates & a thousand other things reflect back in brilliant pencils of light from as many different points.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:05AM,Mercer,"A few poor souls sit up, trying to stop the flow of his life's blood. I fear most will be stilled by death come morning.",120,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:06AM,Mercer,"Many after staggering a few paces, sink again on the ground, probably to rise no more. It is heartrending—and yet I gaze!",121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:07AM,Mercer,"Horses, too, attempt to rise, but quickly fall. Their eyes gently close, one short convulsive struggle closes their sufferings. ",128,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:08AM,Mercer,"One poor animal has lost both his hind legs. He sits on his tail, looking about as if in expectation aid; sending forth melancholy neighing.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:08AM,Mercer,"Killing him at once would be mercy, but I cannot bring myself to even give the order.",85,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:09AM,Mercer,Blood enough I had seen shed during the last 36 hours and am sickened at the thought of shedding more.,102,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:12AM,Mercer,"Save these I have mentioned, no living being moves on the moonlit field.",72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:15AM,Coignet,"The Emperor, recognizing his impotence, gave way and let the torrent flow. He, no doubt, believes he will be able to stem it next morning. ",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:30AM,Coignet,Nothing can calm the men. They will listen to no one.,53,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:30AM,Mercer,"As I look upon the lustrous lamp of heaven, I think of those far away, ignorant that their loved ones' now lie dead on the ground around me.",140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:31AM,Coignet,The mounted men blow out their horses’ brains; the foot-soldiers blow out their own to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy.,129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:35AM,Mercer,"I gaze on this sad and solemn scene; and all this slaughter, fearful holocaust on the altar of one man's ambition!",114,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:40AM,Coignet,"I have myself taking part in another rout as complete as that of Moscow. ""We are betrayed,"" all the men cry.",108,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:45AM,Coignet,The Emperor has realized the extent of the disaster.,52,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,10:20AM,Coignet,"We have arrived, in company of the Emperor at Charleroi.",56,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,11:30AM,Mercer,I managed very little sleep and have awoken weary.,50,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:00PM,von Muffling,"The Field Marshall wishes to call the battle ""Belle Alliance."" The Duke does not appear to agree.",97,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:00PM,Mercer,My sergeants asked if they might bury Driver Crammond. The mutilated remains of their fallen friend have haunted them through the night.,136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,01:05PM,von Muffling,The Duke of Wellington has determined that this desperate and bloody battle will be known as The Battle of Waterloo.,116,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:00PM,Mercer,Crammond is buried and I see relief on my men's faces at this accomplishment.,77,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,02:30PM,Mercer,"I stumbled on a whole British regiment, sleeping in columns, in the precise formation in which they would stand were they awake.",128,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:00PM,Mercer,We are attempting to disentangle our carriages from each other & from the dead & dying animals which encumbered them.,117,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,03:15PM,Mercer,"Although supplies of ammunition were sent to us during the action, yet little remains. The expenditure has been enormous.",121,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:00PM,Coignet,We are now in Laon.,19,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:00PM,Mercer,Many peasants are moving about stripping the dead & perhaps finishing those not quite so. Some stagger under the weight of their plunder.,137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:05PM,Coignet, The Emperor wishes to remain with the army. His generals urge him to Paris. All is chaos.,90,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:10PM,Mercer,"I have not been able to learn what became of Butterworth, whose arms were blown off. I pray he received care & is, by some miracle, well.",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:30PM,Mercer,We have found a well of uncontaminated water. Sweet relief!,59,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:40PM,Mercer,"We are taking canteens around to our men & the injured French, who beg us not to abandon them to the retribution of the vengeful citizenry.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,04:50PM,Mercer,I am off to the Chateau to see what has become of those who fought there yesterday.,83,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,05:00PM,Coignet,"The Emperor has been compelled to return to Paris by the majority of his generals. His life, at the very least, shall be secured by this.",137,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,05:10PM,Mercer,The immediate area of Hougoumont is more thickly strewn with corpses than most other parts of the field. The very ditches are full of them.,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,05:15PM,Mercer,The courts of the Chateau presents a spectacle more terrible even than any I had yet seen.,90,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,05:20PM,Mercer," A large barn had been set on fire, and the conflagration had spread. Here numbers, both of French and English, had perished in the flames,",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:00PM,Coignet,The Emperor has left for Paris. We who remain behind find ourselves to weary even for words.,92,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:01PM,Coignet,The silence amongst us is profound. We are worn out with hunger and fatigue. Our poor horses can scarcely move after 24 hours in the field. ,140,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,06:05PM,Coignet,"Men and horses fall from want of food. We know not what will become of our brave men. We are, indeed, miserable.",112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,07:30PM,Mercer,"A wounded hussar has somehow or another found his way here from another part of the field, and, exhausted by the exertion, has fainted.",135,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,07:45PM,Mercer,A young driver has gone to fetch a canteen of water for the wounded man.,72,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,08:00PM,Mercer,"The young driver who went for water has learned the wounded hussar is, in fact, his brother, whom he has not seen in years!",123,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,08:30PM,Mercer,I have been told by some of my men that they saw Butterworth's body lying by the roadside near the farm of Mount St Jean--bled to death!,136,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/19/11,09:00PM,Mercer,I am resolved to move my diminished troop off this horrid place. We are joyfully taking too the Nivelles road.,110,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,12:00AM,Mercer,"It is a luxury to now breathe pure uncontaminated air, out of hearing of groans & lamentations. This is not all. Mr. Coates brought us ham.",139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,01:00AM,Mercer,I have undressed for the first time since Strytem--4 whole days. With joy I rid myself of these bloody garments.,112,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,01:30AM,Mercer,"Like the birds, we are all retiring to rest with the close of the day.",70,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:00AM,Coignet,By forced marches we reached the forest of Villers-Cotterets.,61,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:30AM,Coignet, We are to spend the night at the house of a physician on the edge of the forest.,81,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:40AM,Coignet," We have not unsaddled our horses, for the enemy may surprise us during the night. They are surely on our heels. We must not even undress.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:41AM,Coignet,"The grooms are ordered to remain in the stable with the bridles on their arms, ready for departure at a moment's notice.",120,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,09:00AM,Coignet,"The Prussians are attacking! They have shut us up in the city. They fell upon our train, and are making fearful havoc.",118,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,09:30AM,Coignet,"We fled in time, but barely Three minutes later and we should have been captured.",81,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,10:00AM,Coignet,"Our deserters are coming in, most of them without arms. It is a heart-breaking sight. ",86,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,11:30AM,Coignet,"The countryside is deserted. All the inhabitants have moved out, taking their valuables to Paris. The roads are blocked up with carriages.",138,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,11:31AM,Coignet,Such great destruction we see from the frantic fleeing of our countrymen ahead of the inevitable arrival of our victorious enemy.,129,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,12:00PM,Coignet,"Our defeat, it seems, is to be entire.",38,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,02:00PM,Mercer,The delicious sleep I have enjoyed is impossible to describe.,61,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,02:30PM,Mercer,"Though the farriers have worked through the night, they have no completed the shoeing. We must wait to recommence our march.",124,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:00PM,Mercer,"We are in movement on the road to Nivelles, amidst crowds of stragglers, all pushing forward.",93,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:15PM,Mercer,The cheerful sunbeams play amongst the leaves & branches overhead. Farmers commence their daily labours. All is peace & rural tranquillity.,139,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:20PM,Mercer,"I can scarcely believe the last 4 days other than a troubled dream; but there is the battlefield, still encumbered with the slain.",130,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg 06/20/11,04:30PM,Mercer,It is an unspeakable delight to leave that field of battle behind.,66,,http://twhistory.org/images/character_default.jpg