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The Titanic

Recreated by: twhistory

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The Titanic will sail again . . . and then it will sink again! Join the crew of the Titanic as they relive that fateful April night in 1912.

Historical Figures

  • Charles LightollerCommander Charles Herbert Lightoller was the second mate on board the RMS Titanic, and the most senior officer to survive the disaster. Lightoller was ...

  • Jack PhillipsJack Phillips was a British wireless telegraphist who died whilst on the Titanic after it hit an iceberg. As the Titanic was sinking, Phillips worked ...

  • Captain SmithCaptain Edward John Smith was an English naval reserve officer, and ship's captain. He was the captain in command of the RMS Titanic; he died on board when ...

  • Harold BrideHarold Sydney Bride became the junior wireless officer on board the maiden voyage of the ocean liner RMS Titanic. The next morning, after Titanic sank, ...

Historical Timeline

  • Charles Lightoller [email protected]_Smith arrived on bridge and remarked how cold it is getting

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 08:55PM
  • Captain Smith retiring to bed

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 09:30PM
  • Harold Bride We have been so busy sending messages from first class passengers. I might get some rest in my cabin later.

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 09:30PM
  • Harold Bride Looks like Jack Phillips will take over wireless operations for a while, I'm off to my cabin for some much needed rest.

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 09:40PM
  • Charles Lightoller starting my ship rounds....brr it's cold out here

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 10:00PM
  • Jack Phillips Got the wireless fixed. Big backlog of messages to send to Cape Hope, New Foundland.

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 10:40PM
  • Charles Lightoller retiring for the night, glad to be in my warm bed

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 10:55PM
  • Jack Phillips Busy night have sent nearly 250 messages tonight.

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 10:57PM
  • Captain Smith zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 11:23PM
  • Charles Lightoller was asleep but was awakened by a grinding vibration. Going to see what it is

    Sun, Apr 14, 1912 11:40PM